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Eileen Evelyn Greer Garson
September 29 1904 ~
April 6 1996

Hello! I'm Mary, and I just LOVE Greer Garson! She's such a beautiful, eleant, proper person; yet she is also so fun, normal, and kind. I love how when she wasn't making movies in roles of proper women, she'd be on her ranch in levi's with her prize winning cows :) She also was apperently a gunner! I just love this woman so much! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Greer's motto:
"Kep your horizions wide, and your waistline slim"

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Greer Garson and Agnes Moorehead in “Mrs. Parkington”, 1944


Random Harvest 1942


Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson, one of the most beloved acting teams of motion pictures were reunited for the first time in 17 years recently on “The Joey Bishop Show” - 28 July, 1967.



Greer Garson in Blossoms in the Dust, 1941

This is what I’m attracted to. This here face.


Greer Garson and Dick Van Dyke presenting the awards for Best Costume Design at the 37th Academy Awards - 5 April, 1965.


made another doodle…

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